Shaping San Francisco
2019 – $10,000 General Support
2018 – $5,000 General Support 
2017 – $5,000 General Support
2016 – $5,000 General Support
2013 – $5,000 General Support
2012 – $5,000 General Support
2010 – $5,000 Ecology Emerges Project Documentation

Shaping San Francisco is a living archive of San Francisco providing people with access to its lost history. Hundreds of people have contributed stories, photos, video oral histories and more. Through their unique approach to community history, they focus mainly on labor, ecology, transit, and dissent and how they have changed the landscape of San Francisco since the 1850s. Shaping SF shows that history is much more than Richter scales and gold rushes. Through public programming and their digital archive, Foundsf.org, Shaping San Francisco’s long-term goal is to facilitate the discovery, presentation, preservation of, and access to local history, incorporating the past into a rapidly changing future.

Ecology Emerges
Ecology Emerges is an oral history gathering project to explore the past 50 years of ecological activism in the Bay Area and the role that individual and institutional memories play in the development, policy proposals, and interrelationships that together make up the existing networks of ecological politics.