San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Education Fund
2019 – $10,000 General Support
2017 – $10,000 Transportation Equity Network
2013 – $5,000 “Kit of Parts” Manual
2012 – $25,000 2nd Street Project
2011 – $10,000 Family Biking Guide and Programs
2010 – $10,000 Connecting the City
2009 – $5,000 Great Streets Program

Through day-to-day advocacy, education and working partnerships with government and community agencies, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is dedicated to creating safer streets and more livable communities for all San Franciscans.  Their active 12,000 members represent San Franciscans of all ages, from all neighborhoods, who are working towards more safe, efficient, and green ways to move around our city. The SF Bicycle Coalition is the largest city-based bicycle advocacy group in the nation and one of the largest membership-based groups in San Francisco.

Great Streets Program
A short-term campaign launched to return San Francisco streets to their rightful place as the center of civic life. This campaign launched the Historic Market Street trials which are testing out ideas to improve San Francisco’s busiest biking street in anticipation of the street’s reconstruction in 2015. This campaign is also involved in parklets and street plazas development around the city.

Connecting the City
Connecting the City, building on the ongoing work on the current bike network, imagines a complete system of continuous, crosstown bike routes. They will be elegantly designed and separated from vehicle traffic to the greatest extent possible, so that people of all ages, from an eight-year-old child to an 80 year-old grandparent, will feel comfortable and safe bicycling.

Family Biking Guide & Programs
Family biking is a great way to enjoy the neighborhood and San Francisco, get exercise, help children gain confidence and independence, and is often a fabulous and fun way to spend time as a family.  Written by Kit Hodge, Deputy Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the guide is meant to help answer questions, provide resources, and give encouragement for family biking in San Francisco.  Related programming empowers families to start or continue biking together.

2nd Street Project
2nd Street in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood is in great need of thoughtful redesign. Biking and walking in particular can and should be much better. Progress on rethinking this project has been stalled for too long, partly because there is an understandable fear of what the changes will actually look like and do. The Bicycle Coalition along with other project partners are formulating eye-catching trials which will move things forward by showing the positive impact of a separated bikeway and much-improved pedestrian realm. The trials will be instrumental in creating support for a much more progressive capital project.

“Kit of Parts” Manual
This manual provides city planners information to quickly transform city streets including separated bikeways, greening initiatives, sidewalk expansions and other important placemaking features. This toolkit is open source and provides inspiration and practical designs not only to San Francisco officials but also cities around the country and potentially around the world.


homepage photo credit: Lucy Goodhart