Pie Ranch
2019 – $15,000 General Support
2018 – $15,000 Climate Beneficial Farming at Año Nuevo
2016 – $10,000 General Support
2015 – $10,000 General Support
2010 – $10,000 Capital Campaign
2009 – $10,000 Capital Campaign
2008 – $10,000 Capital Campaign
2007 – $15,000 General Support

Situated on California’s San Mateo County Coast line,  Pie Ranch was established in 2005 with the vision to become a model center of sustainable farming and food system education.  It is a working farm, hosting youth from regional high schools to participate in farm-based programs and activities. Pie Ranch works with educators and community collaborators in diverse urban, suburban and rural settings to help students apply what they’ve learned at Pie Ranch in their daily lives.Pie Ranch has an established education program with San Francisco’s Mission High.  The Mission High School Piesters are English & science students who come to the Ranch once a month to engage in farming activities, journaling, observation, and reflection, food preparation, and celebration. The year culminates in an overnight at the Ranch.  Also, the Mission High English Language Learners participate in monthly visits, providing these youth with the opportunity to practice English in the context of farm activities and food preparation.

Pie Ranch also mentors aspiring farmers as resident apprentices who spend a full year immersed in all aspects of farm operations and marketing.