Greenbelt Alliance
2007 – $10,000 General Support

Founded in 1958, The Greenbelt Alliance works to help cities and counties adopt policies to prepare for future growth while stopping wasteful sprawl development from paving farmland, worsening traffic and air pollution, and contributing to climate change.  This work includes endorsing development projects within existing cities –  close to shops, jobs, and transit, with homes for people of all income levels and advocating for policies that create walkable neighborhoods with homes people can afford, where they can walk, bike, and take transit easily and safely.

A large component resulting in the success of the Greenbelt Alliance is its dedication to educating and mobilizing local residents to give them a voice in choosing how their communities grow.  This education is aided through grants that allow the publishing of award-winning research, providing the region’s leaders with the strategies they need to accommodate growth while protecting the Bay Area’s greenbelt.

Lastly, The Greenbelt Alliance organizes hikes, bike rides, farm tours, and urban walks for hundreds of Bay Area residents every year through our Greenbelt Outings and Livable Communities Outreach programs.  This compliments the other educational programs through encouraging direct engagement with the landscape throughout the bay.