Climate One
2019 – $15,000 General Support
2018 – $15,000 Resilience Program
2017 – $15,000 General Support
2017 – $15,000 General Support
2015 – $15,000 Resilience Program

Climate One at The Commonwealth Club is a thriving leadership dialogue on energy, the environment and the economy. It brings together top thinkers and doers from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future. Climate One‘s programs are open to the public and then widely disseminated through podcasts and broadcast on public radio state-wide.

Climate One produced Resilience, a two-part program series addressing the Bay Area’s preparations for a harsh climate future. The first program, “Resilient Cities,” brought together professionals and community leaders to discuss green infrastructure and planning, and the costs of protecting property and individuals from the impacts of severe weather. The upcoming “Climate Equity” program will discuss inclusively the growing green economy, and whether underserved communities will benefit from green jobs and cleaner communities.