Cities Connecting Children & Nature: San Francisco
2016 – $10,000 General Support

San Francisco is one of seven cities competitively invited to join the national Cities Connecting Children & Nature initiative, a partnership of the National League of Cities and the Children & Nature Network. The Coalition has been invited to participate in a seven-city cohort over the next eight months to develop a robust and comprehensive City Implementation Plan for connecting the city’s children, youth and families with nature experiences in the city. By harnessing collective energies toward a shared vision and concrete results, San Francisco will create a model for better coordination, gap identification, and long-term accessibility seeking to build meaningful and lifelong nature connections for all youth and families.

Children Connecting Children & Nature: San Francisco envisions a city whose children have daily experiences in local nature, who feel a sense of belonging to the natural world, who feel at home in nature, whose school learning is meaningfully contextualized in the city’s outdoors, and who develop lifelong relationships to nature for health, recreation, and conservation benefits. The program strives to help San Francisco’s current generation of children to become adults who share these experiences with their own kids/families and pass on the value of nature connection for generations to come.