Center for Creative Land Recycling
2012 – $5,000 San Francisco Blue Greenway Project
2010 – $5,000 San Francisco Blue Greenway Project

The Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) is a nonprofit organization focused on creating sustainable communities and encouraging environmentally conscious and socially responsible development through the facilitation of land recycling. Their work is founded on the belief that the creative reuse of already used lands, (often environmentally-distressed properties, commonly referred to as “brownfields”) is the key to responsible land use and sustainable development. This is accomplished through training, technical assistance and funding for communities who are attempting to turn around vacant or environmentally distressed properties through creative private, public, and nonprofit partnerships.

The San Francisco Blue Greenway is a 13-mile long corridor along San Francisco’s southeastern waterfront that will link established open spaces; create new recreational opportunities and green infrastructure at brownfield sites and in brownfield impacted areas; provide public access through the implementation of the San Francisco Bay Trail, the San Francisco Bay Water Trail, and green corridors to surrounding neighborhoods; increase neighborhood vitality through connectivity; install public art and interpretive elements; support stewardship; and advocate for full waterfront access as an element of all planning and development processes throughout southeastern San Francisco.

CCLR is assisting the San Francisco Parks Alliance (formerly the Neighborhood Parks Council) in navigating the brownfields process to design and develop parks along the Blue Greenway.